Portugal’s Golden Visa is the Market’s Next Growth Area


The Portugal Golden Visa is tailor-made for investors who want a smooth path into the EU. It let them provide strategic direction to their own innovative startup.

1) Clear path to Permanent Residency and Future Citizenship.
  • No minimum number of days in-country
  • Fast-processing: 4-6 weeks until approval
  • Accompaniment through permit renewals prior to Permanent Residency/Citizenship




2) Living In Portugal

Investors and their families are free to live, work and study in Portugal. Access to education and healthcare systems. Golden Visa Holders have equal rights with Citizens.



3) Tax Benefits

The golden visa program in Portugal offers excellent tax benefits for those becoming residents. However, Portugal has a very favorable tax regime for anyone considering living in the country. No taxes are charged on income for the first 10 years.



Starting investment from €350,000, find our Portugal Residence permit just here : https://worldinvco.com/residencepermit/portugal/