Grenada Investment Migration Programme are leading the World concerning the Residence Requirements

The Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment programme was launched in August 2013 as a means to develop Grenada’s economy to be more prosperous and independent.

The programme secured second place in the region, after Antigua and Barbuda. (don’t hesitate if you need additional informations concerning Antigua and Barbuda)

Grenada is an island nation with an exotic landscape, breath-taking beaches and year-round temperate climate. Grenada passport holders have free access to 124 countries around the world, including the UK and Europe’s Schengen area, Brazil and it is the only country member of the British Commonwealth having free access to China. It also offers citizens the opportunity to apply for the E-2 Investor ( residence Visa to the US).

The 3rd edition of the Global Residence and Citizenship Programmes report provides a systematic analysis and comprehensive benchmarking of the world’s leading investment migration programmes. These programmes were evaluated by a distinguished panel of independent experts — including immigration and citizenship lawyers, economists, country risk experts, academic researchers, and other specialists — who took into account a broad range of factors pertaining to each programme. The result is a global bird’s-eye view of the investment migration industry and a ranking of all the major programmes on offer.

recognised in the areas of:

  • Reputation
  • Quality of Life
  • Visa-free Access
  • Processing Time and Quality of Processing
  • Compliance
  • Relocation Flexibility
  • Transparency