Dominica Passport: The world’s key is steps apart


  • Invest in The one-of-a-kind resort and See the world visa-free with a second citizenship from Dominica

Holders of Dominican passports can use them to travel internationally and benefit from the many visa-free travel regimes the Dominican Government has established with its allies across the globe.


  • Dominica Citizens are Eligible of Free Schools and Healthcare

Enroll your children in European schools, Access to world-class healthcare:

Dominica was ranked from top firsts by FDI Intelligence for this area which includes safety, political stability, health and education services per population and life expectancy.


  • Dominica: The Place for diverse Investment

Great opportunity to invest in a location which has not been overcrowded with external changements but has the business climate for strong field operations in several investment sectors.


Starting investment from $100 000 find our Dominica Citizenship by Investment just here :